Guten Tag!! Helfen mir bitte :)

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Guten Tag!! Helfen mir bitte :)

Beitragvon aaengel » Di 8. Mär 2011, 16:35

Guten tag,

I hope I can be understood in English, I only know very little German.

I was wondering if anyone in Feuchtwangen could help with tracing my ancestral past...

Part of my family comes from Heilbronn in the nearby town.

There was a Johann Leonhard Engel born there in 1849 (who moved to America in the 1880s and died near Frankenmuth, Michigan), and I supposedly have his Father's name as Johann Georg Engel and mother's name of Anna Barbara Kohn, but I know nothing else. I was wondering if anyone could check the Lutheran Church records in the town for me and figure out who Johann Georg Engel was, and if anyone could get me his birthdate and death date, and the same for Anna. Also if you could find his parents names, and however many generations there are before that.

Also, I'm not sure if there is a Lutheran church in Heilbronn or not. I'm not sure where they would have been at in the 1800s.

Sorry for not knowing German. I know a little bit, but not enough to type a forum message.

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Re: Guten Tag!! Helfen mir bitte :)

Beitragvon james_dean » Di 8. Mär 2011, 20:09

Dear Mr./Mrs. Engel,
Heilsbronn is not a parish on its own. It is part of the parish of Feuchtwangen.
Anna Barbara (from the village Charhof) and Johann Georg were married in the year 1832. Johann Georg lived in Heilsbronn, house No. 6 which he bought in the 1832 for 1700 gilders. The former owner of this house was Johann Jonas Engel (I'm not sure which relation they had).
Johann Georg was either born in 1810 or 1811 (there are two with the same name so I'm not sure which one is the correct), his father's name is Georg Simon (there is a birth record for a person of this name in 1787 and a marriage record in 1809 with Eva Maria Körber ).
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Re: Guten Tag!! Helfen mir bitte :)

Beitragvon aaengel » Mi 9. Mär 2011, 03:06

Hey, Thanks!!

I know I can only ask so much, but how far back do those records go? Is there anyway I could pay, and get all of the records for my family line?

Thanks!! :-D

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